Pitco Fryer Parts Guide and Where to Buy

Pitco Fryer Parts Guide and Where to Buy

Wondering what types of spares and replacement parts you might need for your Pitco fryer? Not sure where to buy them safely, reliably, and at a fair price? This Pitco fryer parts guide will provide you with all the information you need.

Pitco is one of the largest and most popular producers of commercial deep fryers. So if you’re running a restaurant, fast food, or any other type of commercial kitchen focused on fried meals, there’s a good chance you have one of their fryers too.

Although these machines are in general considered to be very reliable and durable, the demanding environment in a busy kitchen can leave its marks even on the best pieces of equipment. That’s why most Pitco owners do eventually need to make some repairs, replacements, or adjustments on their fryers.

This guide will describe some of the most common Pitco components you might need to replace. I also included a brief troubleshooting guide that can help you determine what part you might need when your Pitco fryer malfunctions.

Last but not least, I’ll review some of the most recommendable sellers of spare parts you can currently find on the internet.


Key Specifications of Pitco Fryers

Full company name PITCO Frialator
Types of fuel Electric, gas
Series available Economy, ROV, Solstice, Solstice Supreme
Country of origin USA
Price range Mid to High
Official website pitco.com

Different Types of Pitco Fryer Parts

When your commercial fryer suddenly stops working as it should, it can be a serious issue for your business. Logically, you want to resolve the issue as fast as possible, but you also need to evaluate the financial aspect of the situation. The hard truth is that it’s sometimes more reasonable to invest in a new fryer than trying to revive your old one.

In any case, the very first thing you need to know is what’s actually going on with your machine and what components might have possibly caused the situation.

Having at least basic knowledge of how commercial fryers work is certainly useful. Let’s check the most important components and parts you might need to replace on your Pitco fryer to make it all clearer:


If you want to achieve consistent results of frying, you must be able to maintain a constant temperature inside your cooking appliance – and that’s exactly what a thermostat does in a commercial fryer.

While this little electric device is not capable of heating the oil in the frying pot by itself, it constantly monitors the temperature and informs the heating element when it’s time to shut off or restart the heating process.

This sensor is one of the most commonly replaced components on all types of commercial deep fryers. However, you definitely shouldn’t underestimate it because its malfunction can result in permanent damage to your fryer or even serious fire hazard caused by uncontrolled overheating.

Fortunately, a thermostat is one of the cheaper components, and its replacement is pretty simple too.

Heating Element

pitco heating element

As the name clearly suggests, this is the point where the heat is generated, so if this component fails, your fryer won’t be able to boil the oil in the frying pot and prepare your food properly.

The larger capacity your fryer has, the stronger its heating element should be. If the manufacturer underestimates this basic rule, the heating element can easily become one of the most problematic parts of the whole heater.

Fortunately, Pitco fryers usually have adequate heating elements that malfunction only rarely. The company uses several different types of heating elements and several diverse technologies, so you should double-check the compatibility of your spare part before placing the order.


The pump is one of the components you certainly don’t want to see breaking on your Pitco fryer. It’s among the most expensive parts you might need to replace, yet its operation is also crucial to the whole unit, so you can’t just ignore it if it breaks or malfunctions.

The pump is the device that manages the oil transfer inside the machine, which is particularly important if your fryer has an integrated filtering system. It usually comes in a pack with a dedicated motor assembly, which makes the replacement relatively undemanding technically, yet the price of the complete set of components is quite high.

Control panel

Pitco B2005303 Control Box Assembly

Control panel is basically an interface that allows you to communicate with the fryer and set all the parameters of its performance to match your needs.

Different Pitco fryers can have very different control panels. While the basic models usually have only a few manually-controlled switches and turn knobs, some of the most advanced models boast modern digital interfaces with a wide range of controls and regulations.

The price of this replacement part depends on the exact type of panel you need. The whole set, including wires, knobs, buttons, display, etc., is usually quite expensive.


paper filter

Filtering your frying oil frequently is one of the most important things you can do to prolong your fryer’s lifecycle, make it more effective, and optimize the whole procedure as much as possible. Even though many commercial kitchens use professional filtering machines for this purpose, the fryer itself always contains some type of an integrated filter too to avoid critical clogging.

Just like in your car or fume chamber, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced from time to time. Otherwise, you’re risking the deteriorated quality of your food and the potential malfunction of your fryer due to clogging. The good news is that filters for Pitco fryers are usually cheap and widely available.

Conversion Kit

conversion kit

Pitco’s gas-fueled fryers can often be converted from standard natural gas operation to LP operation. This allows you to take your fryer anywhere you need, regardless of the direct access to standard gas supply.

All you need is a simple conversion kit which must, however, be bought separately. Luckily, it’s not expensive. Moreover, if you have some technical skills and/or previous experiences, you should be able to pull the conversion off by yourself.

Legs, lids, baskets, caster wheels & more

Pitco fryers come with many optional hardware components that allow you to adjust the fryer’s construction exactly to your needs and requirements. The wide range of such practical accessories includes lids, splash guards, height-adjustable legs, caster wheels, and frying baskets that come in several different configurations.

While some of these components are already included in the package along with the fryer itself, others must be ordered individually. Of course, you can also buy a replacement if any of these accessories break.

Troubleshooting Guide: What Pitco Fryer Parts Do You Need?

Pitco fryers are no toys – whether you own some of the electric models such as Pitco SE18R or a gas-fueled unit like the popular Pitco 40D, these machines can all be potentially dangerous if you underestimate their maintenance.

Unless you’re a certified professional, you also shouldn’t try to repair these machines on your own, except for some super-simple tasks such as replacing external hardware or assembling a conversion kit.

Nevertheless, before you contact a maintenance specialist, it’s always good to try identifying and understanding the issue you’re dealing with on your own. This brief troubleshooting guide might come in handy:

Pitco fryer won’t turn on

If you cannot start your fryer at all, you can be either dealing with a faulty power switch, a damaged cord, or a tripped circuit breaker. Try resetting the fryer according to the instructions in your manual. If it doesn’t help, you will need an authorized technician.

The machine is heating too slowly

Pitco fryers should normally heat up very fast. However, it usually takes just about 10 to 15 minutes for them to achieve the demanded temperature. If it takes longer, it can be caused by a dirty heating element resulting from neglected maintenance. If the cleaning doesn’t help, though, the element might need replacing.

The fryer is overheating

If your deep fryer won’t stop at the desired temperature and constantly overheats instead, you might be dealing with a broken thermostat, faulty wiring, or an internal circuit malfunction. Replacing a thermostat is simple and cheap, but if the problem persists, you might be facing something more complex and expensive.

Pumping is very slow

First, check if all the hoses of the pump assembly fit tightly and aren’t tangled or broken. If you cannot see any mechanical problem here, continue with controlling the filtering paper. If it’s clogged, clean or replace it. If neither of the above helps, your pump might be faulty.

Top 5 Places to Buy Pitco Replacements Parts

Not sure where to search for your Pitco replacement parts? Here’s a quick review of five online sources you might come around:



Amazon has a huge database of various Pitco parts and accessories. The products are clearly assorted, well described, and there are also user reviews that can help you determine whether a certain seller or product is trustworthy.

The platform is well-known and accessible all around the world, so it offers even some products that you might not be able to find in your local stores. In addition, the worldwide delivery (although sometimes quite expensive) makes this webstore a great option even for customers from remote areas.

On the other hand, the platform serves only as a virtual marketplace, so it doesn’t really guarantee the quality or genuity of the products you’re buying there. If you want to make sure that you’re buying original (OEM-certified) unused parts, inspect the products you’re ordering closely and do not hesitate to ask the seller some additional questions.


  • Great variety of products
  • Worldwide deliveries
  • Often has products that are hard to get elsewhere
  • It’s easy to compare the prices
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Tons of user reviews on each product


  • The platform serves as a marketplace only
  • Not all sellers are equally reputable
  • Some parts might not be original or unused

Pitco.com (manufacturer’s official store)


Pitco has its own webstore that is probably the most reliable and well-stocked source of original products from this brand. All the products you can find here are certainly produced by Pitco, their description is accurate, and there’s also professional customer service ready to assist you with any questions or inquiries.

Nevertheless, unless you’re an authorized serviceman, you’ll only be able to buy some basic accessories and add-ons here, such as frying baskets, caster wheels, splash guards, lids, or controls.

Moreover, many of these products are available only through the network of Pitco’s official distributors. You will be redirected from the original website to the store of your nearest reseller.


  • 100% genuine components directly from the manufacturer
  • Accurately described products
  • The assistance of professional technicians
  • Great range of accessories
  • User-friendly website


  • Only some groups of products sold to the general public
  • Buyers are redirected to their local distributors instead of ordering directly


deep fryer parts

Katom is one of the largest suppliers of professional kitchen equipment. It is also one of the official distributors of Pitco fryers and replacement parts. This doesn’t only mean that you can be sure of the parts’ originality, but it’s also a guarantee that you’ll always have access to a wide range of products supplied directly by the producer.

Katom’s web store looks slightly outdated, yet it’s very easy to navigate thanks to various filters and drop-down menus. Aside from the accessories such as racks, baskets, or wheels, you can get your hands on some internal components here.

On the other hand, customers sometimes criticize this distributor for its rather unhelpful customer service, quite long delivery rates, and overpriced shipping fees.


  • Official reseller of Pitco components and products
  • Large variety of products on offer
  • Simple navigation
  • Genuine products directly from the manufacturer


  • Delivery sometimes takes longer than expected
  • Shipment fees are high
  • Customer service could be better

Central Restaurant Products

central restaurant products

Central Restaurant Products is another officially recognized distributor of Pitco products. The company residing in Indianapolis boasts a great portfolio of accessories and spares ranging from filters, baskets, and wheels all the way to ignition modules, orifices, thermopiles, or pumps.

This webstore is very easy to navigate, and each of its products comes with a wide range of useful information on its compatibility, measurements, and warranty.

On the other hand, many products are enlisted here without price tags asking you to “call for pricing”. This probably means that the goods are not in stock, so it can take quite some time until they arrive. Users confirm this in their reviews too, complaining about the slow delivery and occasionally misleading information on availability.


  • Huge selection
  • Excellent organization
  • Lots of technical details on the products
  • Competitive prices
  • Official distributor of genuine parts


  • Slow delivery
  • It’s not clear which products are ready in stock

WebStaurant Store

webstaurant store

Webstaurant Store is a popular online source of all types of products and accessories for commercial kitchens. Its catalog contains tons of original (certified) products at fair prices, all thoughtfully organized and accurately described.

In comparison with the four previous options, WebStaurant Store offers the widest range of technical components, including valves, sensors, burners, hinges, heating elements, and so on. The website also provides you with downloadable manuals, detailed technical specifications, and lists of compatibility.

Nevertheless, some of the products in the WebStaurant Store are marked as ‘OEM-equivalent’, which means that they are copies of the originals produced by some other manufacturer. They are clearly marked, though, and mustn’t necessarily be of inferior quality.


  • Well-designed store with simple navigation
  • Impressively large portfolio of products
  • Competitive prices
  • Lots of useful documentation is available


  • Not all products are OEM-certified
  • Shipping can take quite long

Pitco Fryer Parts Guide: Final Thoughts

Pitco fryers are some of the most reliable and popular commercial fryers on the market. Some users claim to have had these units for 10+ years – and they are still fully operable and reliable. Of course, such an impressive lifespan requires proper maintenance and occasional repairs or replacements. Having a good source of compatible spare parts is therefore truly important.

I hope that this article helps you understand how your fryer works, what parts it has, and which can potentially cause some trouble. Moreover, I hope that some of the five recommended sources of Pitco fryer parts will help you resolve any possible issues you might be experiencing.

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