Best Restaurant Food Prep and Work Tables That Will Save You Time

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The best restaurant food prep and work tables are a necessity for any kitchen. Not only do they provide the necessary space to prepare food, but they also help you maintain a sanitary environment in your kitchen. Prep and work tables come in many different shapes and sizes, from large banquet tables to small standing counters.

If you’re in the restaurant business, or if you have a home kitchen that’s often used for cooking and entertaining, then a prep table is a vital piece of equipment to have. Prep tables are available in many different shapes and sizes so it can be difficult to know which one will fit your needs best.

However, the first thing to consider when shopping for a prep table is what purpose it will serve. Some people use their prep tables as islands for meal preparation while others use them as workstations where they prepare food for customers before sending them out into the dining room. Whatever your need may be, there is sure to be an ideal option available somewhere.

So, whether you’re looking for a commercial-grade table or one with an industrial design, there are many options available. In this article, we will discuss some of the best restaurants, food preparatory, and working tables on the market today.

What Are Restaurant Food Prep And Work Tables?

Best Restaurant Food Prep and Work Tables

Restaurant food prep and work tables are tables that allow you to prepare or serve meals. They vary in size, with some being perfect for a small kitchen and others large enough to cater an event. The type of table you’ll need will depend on the needs of your restaurant as well as how often it will be used.

Commercial food prep tables, as the name suggests, are commonly used for preparing food for commercial needs or operations. These typically have a smaller design and are made from a slightly less durable material.

In comparison, there are also industrial-style prep and work tables. These are designed for use with heavy equipment such as commercial mixers or blenders and are much more stable and heavy-duty than regular prep tables.

They come in sizes ranging from small to large depending on your needs and the size of your kitchen space. Industrial prep tables are commonly found in kitchens at busy catering establishments where they can handle more demanding tasks like food preparation for an entire party or huge catering events.

What Are The Different Types of Restaurant Food Prep And Work Tables?

There are several different varieties of restaurant food prep and work tables. Many have different designs, are made with different materials, and have different tops. Here are some of the most popular restaurant food prep and work tables for your kitchen:

Table With Upstand

A table with an upstand is a type of table that has a lip of stainless steel at the back in order to prevent food from falling down the back of the table. It is typically used as a stand-alone piece of equipment in the kitchen or for tasks such as butchery and is a super hygienic type of table to use in a commercial kitchen.


Table without upstand

This is a table that does not have an upstand and is generally used as a bench or for the serving of food. This type of restaurant food prep worktable can be found in models with either horizontal or vertical surfaces, depending on your needs.

Table with undershelf

An under-shelf is an additional surface that sits below the tabletop and provides extra storage space for dishes, pots, pans, or other kitchen items. This can be found in dining tables without upstands as well as those with upstands – like butchery tables. The extra storage can provide much-needed space to keep pots and pans, as well as room for ingredients that chefs can easily grab from beneath their workbench during a busy service.

Prep stations

Prep stations are tables that are designed specifically for food preparation. They often have built-in sinks or drawers to store kitchen utensils, shelves, or even hooks to hang utensils.

Tables with embedded sinks

These tables have sinks that are built into the tabletop. The sink is typically made of stainless steel and has a drain at the back. These types of restaurant food prep work tables come in both rectangular and square shapes with sizes ranging from 30 to 80 inches long, depending on your needs.

Center work tables

This type of restaurant food prep work table is designed for use in the center of a kitchen. They often come with raised sides to stop ingredients from falling onto the floor and can be used to prepare food, as an additional workspace, or even as a plating area.

Specialty work tables

Specialty work tables are designed for specific tasks. These often have features like built-in sinks, special drawers or racks to organize items, and handles on the side to make them easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Corner tables

These tables are designed for use in corners or small spaces. They slot nicely into a corner and are ideal for those who want to maximize their space.

What Are The Different Types of Work Table Tops?

As well as tables in general, there are also several different types of worktops for restaurant prep tables. Here are some of the different types of tops you can add to your restaurant worktables:

Wood prep table tops

Wood is a traditional material for restaurant worktops. These tops are often found in butchering tables or long-standing dining table models with an upstand, but they can also be used as standalone pieces of equipment such as prep stations. You usually get stainless steel work tables with wooden tops.

Plastic food prep and worktable surfaces

These types of surfaces are durable and come in different colors ranging from clear to black. They are also easy to clean, lightweight, and non-porous which is perfect for a commercial kitchen environment where hygiene is key.

Stainless steel food prep surfaces

This type of surface is one of the most popular choices for restaurant worktops. They are durable, easy to clean, and come in a variety of colors so you can find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Chopping board table tops

If you’re looking to save space in your kitchen, a chopping board tabletop is an excellent choice. They are lightweight and come with built-in handrails for greater safety while working on them. The chopping boards are removable and a great choice if you’re looking to use a versatile tabletop.

Poly table tops

Polyethylene is a popular material for these worktops because it’s durable, lightweight, and can be easily cut to size. They come in different colors as well so you’re able to find the perfect match for any kitchen setting.

What Are The Different Types of Restaurant Work Table Edges?

Edges are another important factor to consider when looking at restaurant food prep and worktables. Here are some of the edges you can expect on professional worktops:

Square work table edges

Square edges have a rectangular edge and come in two different shapes: square or diamond.

Round table edges

This type of restaurant worktop has round edges that can be either high, low or none at all. These are often found on butchering tables but they also make excellent prep stations because the circular shape is perfect for tasks like chopping or mixing.

Marine edges

Marine edges are a type of worktop that is designed to be used in wet environments such as kitchens where food prep and cooking are required. They come with a rounded edge and have drainage holes or built-in sinks on the corners to collect water from spills.

What Are The Different Materials Used To Make Restaurant Work Table Edges?

One of the most important things to consider when you’re looking at buying a commercial work table is what material it’s made from. These are some of the most popular options on the market today:

Stainless steel

This is the most popular choice for restaurant worktops and is the most durable option. There are several different qualities of stainless steel to choose from which make it easy to find the best fit for your needs. It typically comes in 18 gauge, 16 gauge, or 14 gauge.

A gauge of stainless steel is the thickness of the metal. 18 gauge is considered the ‘budget’ version because it is the thinnest and not as durable. 16 gauge is suitable for lighter use because it has a lower weight limit, but is more affordable than 18 gauge. 14 gauge stainless steel is heavier duty and will last much longer if used in industrial settings such as commercial kitchens or butchering tables.


This is a traditional material used in restaurant tables as well as butchering tables and long-standing dining table models. It can come with an upstand but can also be found on standalone pieces of equipment like prep stations.

It’s durable, affordable, and comes in different colors, but it can be difficult to maintain some of the darker shades. It’s also worth noting that wood can scratch easier than metal, and bacteria can get into the cracks, so it’s important to keep it clean.

However, if you’re looking to make a statement with your table (especially if you have an open kitchen in your restaurant), then this material should be at the top of your list. They are available in different colors such as oak or maple and come in several different shapes.


You don’t often get fully plastic commercial worktables, but they can be found as half-table tops or table frames. This material is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean because they are water-resistant.

They’re also good for areas where you need worktops that are fireproof which makes them a great choice in the kitchen of your restaurant or food truck. This is also commonly what cutting boards are made from, and many work tables come with built-in cutting boards.

What Should You Look For In Different Types Of Restaurant Food Prep And Work Tables?

When you’re looking for the best restaurant food prep and work tables, there are a few factors to consider. These are the factors we used when considering the best commercial worktables:

Type of tabletop

Make sure to consider the type of tabletop that would best suit your business. Square tops have an easy-to-clean surface that is perfect for tasks like chopping or mixing whereas round tops can double up as either high, low, or no edges at all which is perfect when working with a chef’s knife. Corner tables will fit nicely into space and save room in the kitchen.

You should also consider the type of material that your tabletop is made from because it will either be stainless steel, wood, plastic, or another equally durable option.

Type of worktop edge

The type of worktop edge will also make a difference. Marine edges are often used in wet environments which makes them perfect for kitchens where food prep and cooking might happen at the same time. You’ll also need to consider whether you want square or rounded edges.

Do you want an upstand?

For those who want to ensure that food isn’t getting trapped behind the back of your restaurant work table, or can’t fall down the back, a table with an upstand is your best bet. This works great if your table is going against a wall. However, if the table is going to be placed more centrally in a work area, then you might want to consider one without this accessory.

Size of worktop

Standard-sized tables are perfect for tasks like chopping or mixing whereas a butchering table can handle large pieces of meat and is also ideal if you need to cut them down.

The size of your restaurant food prep and workplaces will depend on how much space you have available as well as the type of cuisine that you serve.

Storage space

If there’s not much space available or you want to make the absolute most of the space you do have, getting a table with inclusive storage is a great idea. This will mean that you can store pots and pans or ingredients that you might need for service underneath your work table. They can also be found in different sizes so they’re ideal for smaller spaces.


What do you want your restaurant food prep and work tables to be made out of? We’ve explored some of the most popular options above, so feel free to find the perfect one for your needs.

Stainless steel is the most popular choice for restaurant worktops because it’s durable but also comes in different gauges to fit your needs. Wood can be found on butchering tables and long-standing dining table models with an upstand as well as standalone pieces of equipment like prep stations. Plastic is a great choice for wet areas where you need worktops that are fireproof which makes them perfect in the kitchen of your restaurant or food truck.


Do you want to take your restaurant food prep and work tables on the road with you? The best ones will be lightweight, sturdy, and easy to break down for transport. Some also have wheels so they’re easy to move around and store away when you need them.

Ease of cleaning

Regardless of which restaurant food prep and work tables you have, you will definitely want them to be easy to clean. Then stainless steel or plastic are the perfect options for you. Stainless steel is durable, lightweight, water-resistant, and requires little maintenance whereas plastic can withstand wet environments and, in the case of additional cutting boards, is removable.


How much use will your restaurant food prep and work tables get? If you’re looking for something that will last, then stainless steel is the perfect option. It’s durable but also offers different gauges of thickness to meet your needs. This also means that it can be used in a variety of environments like wet kitchens or butchering stations without worrying about durability. Plus, the more durable and well-made the table, the longer it will last.


Do you want your restaurant food prep and work tables to be high or low? For tasks like slicing and dicing, a higher table is perfect for better ergonomics but there are also low stands available if you need them. Too low a table and your chefs will end up getting a bad back, which won’t be good for their health or productivity.

The gauge of stainless steel

Stainless steel can be found in different gauges, so make sure that you find the one that’s perfect for your needs. A gauge of 18-gauge is great for wet environments and food prep tasks but if butchering is a part of what you do then consider going with 20 or 22 gauge instead.


Do your restaurant food prep and work tables come with features? Some offer a sink, cutouts for knives and other utensils, or even shelves to organize things so you’ll have everything in easy reach.

The Major Differences Between Commercial And Household Work Tables

There are plenty of major differences between commercial and household worktables, but the main ones are the size and their material. Commercial work tables are typically much larger to facilitate a variety of tasks, while household units can be more versatile in terms of what they do.

Commercial food prep and work tables come with a number of benefits for restaurants that need them. For example, they are solid surfaces for workers to stand at when preparing meals, they are easy to wipe clean, incredibly durable, and have built-in appliances for making chefs’ lives easier.

The best restaurant food prep and work tables offer durability as well as features. It’s also important not to neglect portability because if your business is mobile then you’ll want your kitchen equipment to follow suit.

However, household kitchen work tables will usually have much more variety in terms of design, but those designs aren’t best suited to regular commercial use. For example, many kitchen worktops in homes are made from things like granite, marble, or quartz, which wouldn’t work in a commercial setting. It would also be incredibly expensive to install, hence why it is only usually used for households.

Restaurant Food Prep And Work Tables Best Use Tips

  • When shopping for restaurant food prep and work tables, make sure to take a look at the thickness of the steel. A gauge of 18-gauge is the cheaper option and is also known as 430-grade stainless steel. However, a more durable 304-grade steel is made from 14 gauge thickness, which will be of higher quality and last longer.
  • There’s also height to consider which depends on what kinds of activities you want to do with it: higher tables are perfect for slicing and dicing while lower stands can work better for other purposes like chopping vegetables.
  • Remember that durability plays an important part because commercial kitchen equipment needs to withstand hours upon hours of use without breaking down.
  • Features like shelves, cutouts for knives and other utensils, or a sink can be helpful when organizing the space that you need to use.
  • Make sure to consider the size of your work table carefully because commercial tables are typically much larger.
  • It’s also important to think about portability and what kind of tasks you want the food prep and work table for. If it will be used in a mobile kitchen then stability is key but there may not be as many features available since portability needs to come into consideration too.
  • You can find restaurant food prep and work tables with more or fewer features depending on what kinds of activities they’re used for, so make sure that you have something appropriate when looking at options. Some offer simple shelf space while others include sinks.
  • Be sure to look at the size of your work tables because commercial tables are typically much larger.
  • Finally, you may need a special kind of table if the type of cuisine that you prepare requires something with more durability or different features than what is normally available on household worktables.

My Top Restaurant Food Prep And Work Tables Recommendations

Vogue Stainless Steel Table with Upstand

This Vogue stainless steel prep table features a strong, stainless steel design with an upstand. This means it can be installed up against the wall, preventing any food from falling behind or splashing onto surfaces where it is difficult to clean.

The 700mm deep prep tables are made of 430 (18 gauge) stainless steel. This table provides an easy to clean, polished surface that can be wiped down quickly and with ease for the best hygiene. Available in 600 to 1800mm widths, this food prep and work table offers convenience for any situation.


  • Upstand design means food won’t get trapped behind the table
  • Available in a range of widths to suit different restaurants
  • Easy to clean surface


  • 18 gauge stainless steel isn’t as high a quality as it could be

Holmes Stainless Steel Centre Table without Upstand 700

The Holmes commercial center tables are made from 304 stainless steel and British-made. This is the significantly stronger grade of steel and is 14 gauge. This means that it’s resistant to chemical stress, physical impact, and corrosion.

The 900mm high tables are ideal for commercial kitchens as they allow several staff members access to them at any given time. They also have a smooth and hygienic worktop, ideal for easy cleaning and effortless work.


  • High-quality build with 304-grade stainless steel
  • Durable and long-lasting table
  • Built to an ideal height for most kitchen tasks


  • Lack of upstand could cause food to get trapped behind the table when placed near a wall

Holmes Stainless Steel Wall Table Welded with Double Gantry

Preparing dishes has never been easier with the Holmes wall table which features a movable gantry. The gantry is an ideal way to store herbs, spices, and ingredients for different dishes. The main section is designed to be perfect for crafting delicious dishes.

Finally, the bottom section can store large quantities of ingredients, such as flour. The container allows for easy access to equipment and food on either side.

Adjustable feet that provide stability, as well as customizable height, let you optimize your available space, getting the most of every inch. The stainless steel table allows for easy cleaning and is highly durable. It also aids in saving you time and money because you won’t need a new one every three months.


  • Multi-purpose table with plenty of storage space as well as workspace
  • Very well made from 304-grade stainless steel
  • Customizable height means it can work with a range of kitchen uses


  • More expensive than other commercial worktables on this list

Vogue Stainless Steel Chopping Board Table

Chopping, filleting, and preparing meals on a commercial scale is made even easier with this Vogue chopping board table. It features a reversible chopping board capable of taking plenty of abuse from busy kitchen workers and constant chopping and holds up well to its daily use in a busy commercial kitchen.

With 304-grade stainless steel, Vogue tables can withstand the demands of the most intense culinary environments.

It features a strong galvanized undershelf, capable of holding plenty of equipment and offering both excellent storage capacity and an easy-to-clean surface on which to prepare food. It is also available for a range of sizes including 500mm and 900mm widths.


  • Built-in chopping board makes working with this table easier than ever
  • 304-grade 14 gauge stainless steel construction
  • Strong undershelf for added storage


  • No upstand
  • The table might be too small for some kitchens

What Criteria Did We Use To Make These Selections?

To make these selections we first looked at the size of the table (or the different variations of size the table could come in) and what different chefs could use it for. Then, we looked at the durability, what material was used to make the table, the grade and gauge of stainless steel, and how easy they are to clean.

Next, we considered whether or not there were sinks, storage options, or shelves built into them, which features they had to make it easy to prepare food. Once we had look at all of this, we looked at the price, and whether the particular worktable was worth what it was priced at.

Overall, the best restaurant food prep and work tables were those that satisfied the most criteria.


Question: What is a work table?

Answer: A work table is a table that is used for general work. It can be a restaurant food prep and work tables, or it could also be just your kitchen island. A preparation table is a solid surface that’s typically high enough to stand at while working on cooking tasks like chopping vegetables, prepping chicken, or shaping burgers before putting them in the pan to cook.

Question: How do I clean my restaurant food prep and work tables?

Answer: The best way to clean your restaurant food prep and work tables are with regular soap and water, but if you want something stronger that will remove more stubborn stains or worse messes then a solution of diluted bleach in hot water can be used. However, for certain materials, like wood, you may need to use specialist equipment.

Question: How do I maintain my restaurant food prep and work tables?

Answer: To prevent rusting it’s important to keep the stainless steel from coming into contact with any acidic substances like wine, vinegar, fruit juices, etc., so make sure not to store anything on them! Some daily cleaning tasks should be done routinely: Wipe down the surface after each use.

Clean up spills as soon as they happen. Rinse off utensils before placing them back onto the table (this prevents dirt buildup and cross-contamination). Then, use a mild detergent such as dish soap mixed with warm water followed by wiping it down with a sponge or rag so you’re not just spreading around any dirt that was already there before the cleaning began.

Question: How do I protect my restaurant food prep and work tables?

Answer: Commercial kitchen equipment like commercial food prep and work tables can get scratched or dented if you’re not careful. It’s worth considering using rubber mats or chopping boards beneath any tools that may cause damage (like knives) because this will help prevent wear and tear from happening prematurely.

Question: What is the difference between a prep table and a work table?

Answer: The difference between a prep table and a work table is the size and its material. Preparation tables are typically much larger to facilitate a variety of tasks, while worktables can be more versatile in terms of what they do, but are typically smaller.

Question: What types of things should I consider when purchasing my next set of restaurant furniture pieces?

Answer: A few factors worth considering when shopping for your next worktable are the size, durability, and features. Durability is important because you want to have a surface that will last for years without being damaged by spills or other accidents like scratches or dents in their surfaces from metal utensils.
You should also consider the type of cuisine you will most often be cooking when deciding on what kind of commercial table would be most appropriate since some kitchens may require a heavy-duty commercial grade table while others may not.

Question: What is the standard material used for the equipment and work tables?

Answer: The most common material used for food prep and work tables is stainless steel. This metal has a sleek, modern look that will match any kitchen décor. Plus, they are easy to clean.

Question: What gauge stainless steel table is best?

Answer: The thickness of the metal in your stainless steel table can vary. The thicker it is, the more durable and heavy-duty that surface will be; however, this also means that they are typically heavier than thinner versions so keep that in mind as well when considering what commercial tables you want to purchase for your kitchen remodel project.
As a general rule, the higher the gauge, the thicker the metal. For instance, 304-grade stainless steel is 14 gauge, considerably thicker than 430-grade stainless steel which is 18 gauge.

Question: Can you cut meat on a stainless steel table?

Answer: Yes, you can cut meat on a stainless steel table. The material is rugged enough to withstand contact with knives and other utensils. However, to avoid scratching the table and to adhere to proper catering hygiene standards, you should always use the correct color chopping board to cut meat.

Question: How much does a commercial work table cost?

Answer: The cost of a food prep and work table varies based on the size, type, quality, and features. A small stainless steel commercial kitchen table can be purchased for $300 while a larger one will run up to an average price of $800 or perhaps more.

Question: What is the life expectancy of a commercial work table?

Answer: A commercial work table will last for a minimum of 6 years. This timeframe is based on how often it’s used and what kind of care maintenance has been given to the surface since day one.

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