Best Commercial Grease Trap Solutions That Truly Work

If you’re looking to install a grease trap solution into your commercial kitchen, then this guide should prove useful. I have researched the best commercial grease trap solutions available and provided full details of the best ones around in this feature.

Grease traps are an integral component of any commercial kitchen, but some are better than others. I will look at the affordable options, the more expensive solutions, and everything else in between to provide a comprehensive overview.

I will finish this post by providing answers to some frequently asked questions relating to grease traps and my personal verdict of the best one for your commercial kitchen.

If you’re in a hurry, here are the top 6 at a glance:

At a Glance: 6 Best Commercial Grease Trap Solutions

What is a Grease Trap?

Grease Trap

A grease trap has the job of removing fats, oils, and grease from the wastewater, leaving a commercial kitchen. It is responsible for ensuring your restaurant has an appropriate recycling solution for grease and fat and that it doesn’t end up in the nation’s waterways.

Does My Commercial Kitchen Need A Grease Trap Solution?

Commercial kitchens make the list of top suspects when there is an issue with local sewer systems. Water companies will automatically look to them to evaluate how much fat, oil, grease, and starch (FOGS) the establishment is responsible for releasing into the drainage system.

There are hefty fines and risks of a poor reputation if your kitchen is found to be being irresponsible for FOGS waste management.

The law can be harsh, especially on repeat offenders, when commercial restaurants are found to have inadequate grease trap solutions. There are different rules in different States, but you can find out your legal duties for commercial recycling by looking at the Green Restaurant Association.

As well as keeping within the law, having a grease trap solution is also a great benefit to the restaurant owner.

Suppose you aren’t dealing with FOGS wastage properly. In that case, it can build up and cause damage to your pipework (which, as you caused it, you will be liable to pay for), and other problems such as the attraction of rodents, a putrid smell, and a poor hygiene reputation in the community. All of these things can be avoided.

What Type is Best?

Not all kitchen grease is bad. But, there are many choices when it comes to grease traps for grease and fat we don’t want to keep. There are automatic grease trap solutions and manual ones for a start. In addition, materials in the construction also vary. There are three primary material choices, each with its own benefit:

  • Plastic – Will never rust or corrode
  • Steel – Perfect for heavy-duty use, easy to clean surface
  • Stainless Steel – Heavy-duty construction, withstand long-term use.

Now, let’s look at the differences between automatic and manual grease traps.

Manual grease traps are cheaper to install and the most commonly-used grease trap in the commercial kitchen – being used for more than a century. Manual grease traps are typically made from plastic or stainless steel and require regular cleaning.

Automatic grease traps work on an automatic, predetermined schedule but fundamentally do the same job as the manual grease trap – with less human input. Similar to manual grease traps, automatics accommodate the flow of wastewater and allow it to cool before separating through automatic systems.

Most automatics will feature the addition of a strainer basket, which will be removable, to collect solids.

Maintaining a Commercial Grease Trap

A grease trap is a bulky floor unit that requires a lot of cleaning and overall maintenance. A licensed contractor should be hired to thoroughly clean the grease trap, at least once a month – but ideally twice monthly.

Many things can go wrong with this unit, resulting in blockages and rotten smells. The more fatty foods you cook, the harder this item works.

6 Best Commercial Grease Trap Solutions

Thermaco Automatic Grease Removal Device – Our #1 Top Pick!


  • 3 Year Warranty on the Electrical Assembly
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Tank
  • 40+ LB Capacity
Find Here
BEAMNOVA Commercial Grease Trap – Our #1 Budget Pick!


  • No Assembly
  • Heavy Duty 201 Stainless Steel
  • Removable Filter Basket
Find Here
Ashland PolyTrap Grease Trap


  • Includes a Flow Control Device
  • Durable Polyethylene Construction
  • 70 lb Capacity
Find Here
Canplas Thermoplastic Grease Interceptor


  • 440 LB Capacity
  • Durable Polypropylene
  • Quick Disconnect Latching System
Find Here
Ashland PolyTrap Grease Trap


  • 100 GPM Flow Rate
  • Non-skid 3/4″ Poly Cover with Recessed Handles
  • Created with Science
Find Here
Zurn Grease Trap 


  • Dura-Coated Steel Body
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Made in the United States
Find Here

Thermaco Automatic Grease Removal Device – Our #1 Top Pick

Thermaco Automatic Grease Removal Device

Made of stainless steel, the Thermaco Automatic Grease Removal Device boasts a double exterior, making it able to withstand years of use. It is a compact unit, yet highly versatile – either being floor-mounted or in a partially recessed installation. My favorite part of this grease trap is the automatic self-cleaning cycle, making owning the product super-easy.

The control pad is easily accessible and straightforward to use. For a compact unit, I was surprised to learn that it can handle 20 gallons of water per minute and 40 lb of fat during maximum flow. The basket is easy to remove when needed, and the collection container can be taken off entirely to dispose of the contents responsibly.

The interior of the Thermaco grease removable device is made from polyethylene, with self-cleaning grease and oil recovery separators. There is one rotating gear hydrophobic wheel assembly, which can make good financial sense as there aren’t many interior parts that can break and need repair.

There are some great features with this automatic machine; the electrical immersion heater is self-regulating, and there is a digital control for programmable operation. The clamps on the lid are made from stainless steel and are quick-release; the lid is also entirely removable. The motor location and fat outlet can accommodate any sink plumbing design due to them being reversible.


  • Made in America
  • Meets NSF Safety Standards
  • Great Warranties
  • Long-Lasting Materials
  • Self-Cleaning Interior
  • Self-Regulating Immersion Heater


  • Expensive
  • High Shipping Costs for Some States

BEAMNOVA Commercial Grease Trap – Our Budget Pick!

BEAMNOVA Commercial Grease Trap

The BEAMNOVA Commercial Grease Trap is exceptionally affordable and a great compact unit that would benefit the professional kitchen greatly. I like the removable basket, and although there are no lips, this doesn’t affect the use, and the basket sits nicely in the product. This grease trap has a 25 lb capacity and measurements of 23.62-in x 11.81-in x 11.81-in.

The heavy-duty 201 stainless steel construction makes the BEAMNOVA grease trap a very durable unit that will withstand heavy use and be easy to clean and maintain. I was impressed with the package on delivery, as all of the accessories are neatly packed inside the grease trap, meaning that you’re presented with one neat box – there is no assembly required either.

This commercial grease trap requires regular cleaning, but this is straightforward to do. It fits well within smaller commercial kitchens and would be more suited to moderately busy restaurants. There is a one-year warranty available.


  • Well Packaged
  • No Assembly
  • Excellent Value for Money


  • It is a Smaller Unit
  • Some Consumers Cite Damages on Arrival

Ashland PolyTrap 70 lb Grease Trap

Ashland PolyTrap 70 lb Grease Trap

The Ashland PolyTrap 70 lb Grease Trap is an excellent option for large commercial kitchens. Made in America, this grease trap operates threaded connections to prevent FOGS from entering the plumbing systems. It is a highly durable grease trap made from robust polyethylene which will not rust, corrode or leak. I also found this commercial grease trap to be relatively lightweight.

It is relatively easy to handle the Ashland Polytrap 70 lb Grease Trap, compared to heavier alternatives, so although installation is required, it is less challenging. There are inlet and outlet connections, removable baffles (which have been scientifically placed), and even the D-ring sealing on the lid gasket is secured by metal bolts. This is a grease trap to stand the test of time.

The capacity is 70lb, and there is a 35 GPM flow rate. Overall dimensions are 19-in x 22-in x 32.5-in, and this commercial grease trap is PDI certified. However, there is a Prop 65 warning to Californian residents.


  • Highly Durable / Well Built
  • Reasonable RRP
  • Easy to Move


Canplas Thermoplastic Grease Interceptor

Canplas Thermoplastic Grease Interceptor

The Canplas 3920A02S Thermoplastic Grease Interceptor has been around for over a decade and is a popular commercial grease trap solution for kitchens nationwide. It is made from seamless, durable polypropylene, which increases the unit’s strength and easy handling. It feels smooth to the touch and is wipe-clean.

It is to be installed on the floor, either fully recessed or partially, and has a quick disconnect latching system. There are ribbed-designed, removable inlet and outlet baffles, and the Canplas Thermoplastic Grease Interceptor connects to the kitchen sink.

Overall, it withstands loads of 440lb, with a 28lb grease capacity. The dimensions are 18-in x 24-in x 17-in, and 20 gallons of water is used per minute.

The brand’s grease trap solutions are tested and approved to 3 national standards and are distributed worldwide (in over ten different countries). If you’re looking for a well-designed, simple-to-use, and globally loved product, then the Canplas Grease Interceptor is an excellent choice.


  • Used All Over The World
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Durable Construction


  • Global Shipping Costs are High

Ashland PolyTrap 250 lb Grease Trap

Ashland PolyTrap 250 lb Grease Trap

Like the other Ashland grease trap in this post, the Ashland PolyTrap 250 lb Grease Trap has threaded connections, is relatively lightweight, features the same inlet and outlet connections, and is constructed seamlessly durable polyethylene. But, there are some significant differences between the two products to set them apart.

Firstly, the financial outlet for the 250 lb model is considerably higher. The product is much bigger, sturdier, and more durable (due to the ¾-in poly material). There are recessed handles to enable easier lifting of the cover, which is also non-skid. The entire grease trap is 100% leakproof – which is essential when you realize that it holds 250lb of fat and has a 100 GPM flow rate.

This is a large volume capacity unit, it’s leakproof, and it is incredibly durable. These things come at a price, and it is up to the individual if this is worth it or not. It certainly looks the part, and it feels strong – as well as being easy to clean. Fast shipping is usually available, and there is a one-year warranty.


  • 100% Leakproof
  • Durable Polyethylene
  • Huge Volume Capacity
  • Fast Shipping


  • CA Residents – Prop 65 Warning
  • High RRP

Zurn Grease Trap Interceptor

Zurn Grease Trap Interceptor 

The Zurn Grease Trap Interceptor is designed to withstand heavy use in a high-demand environment for many years to come. If you run a commercial kitchen, the Zurn GT2700 is an excellent solution to keep grease from building up inside the pipes by trapping FOGS inside with no risk of cross-contamination, clogging, or corrosion.

Made in the USA, this commercial grease trap solution is furnished with no-hub inlet and outlets, is corrosion-resistant, and has a dura-coated steel body. I particularly like the slip-resistant cover and externally vented inlet flow control. I also like the brand, which is a nationwide supplier of advanced water solutions, with a great reputation.

The steel construction extends the longevity of this grease trap and aids its security too. The cover has a center tie-down assembly, which helps to stop any nasty odors from escaping. This product is PDI certified, and there is very little to dislike about it.


  • PDI Certified
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable Unit


  • High Shipping and Import Fees Out of the US


Question: Where Do Grease Traps go in a Commercial Kitchen?

Answer: Exterior grease traps (not featured in this guide) sit outside the building or underground. This type can hold thousands of gallons of water and would be the choice for significant establishments such as hotel chains.
Ordinarily, grease traps will sit inside the commercial kitchen, near a sink or dishwasher. They will be installed much like a washing machine.

Question: How Do Grease Traps Work?

Answer: Grease and fat don’t mix with water but instead float. When wastewater and fat enter the grease traps, they naturally separate; the water continues to flow into the pipe systems, leaving the fat behind in the unit basket.

Question: How Often Should a Commercial Grease Trap be Cleaned?

Answer: It is recommended to hire a cleaning service for your commercial grease trap every three months. However, for kitchens with multiple fryers or who are especially busy, this frequency would be best being increased to monthly.

Question: How Do You Keep on top of the Cleaning of a Grease Trap?

Answer: Most commercial grease traps are predominantly made of easy-clean material, steel, or plastic. To keep the unit at its best in between services, simply scrub down the sides, baffles, and lid.
It would be best if you then flushed out the debris and the soap with clean water. It would be best to do this every month, but ideally twice monthly.

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