Best Southbend Range Guide

Best Southbend Range Guide For Finding The Perfect Option For Your Commercial Kitchen

Southbend is a company that makes professional ranges for commercial kitchens. They make Platinum Sectional Ranges that are used in restaurants, institutional food services, and hotels. These ranges have griddles, fryers and broilers included and can be custom designed. The options available are for the top of the stove and the oven section.

They sell Ultimate Ranges in five different sizes with stainless steel burner boxes and an energy-efficient thermostat.

There S-Series Ranges are versatile and come in smaller sizes and there are more flexible designs for smaller restaurants and foodservice venues. They come in four sizes. These ranges are for commercial kitchens not for use in home kitchens.

The Ultimate Range comes in 5 sizes or widths and over 1,200 configurations. It is made with stainless steel and a popular choice for restaurant and foodservice venues. All Southbend ranges are manufactured in the United States.

Features to Consider in Commercial Ranges

Best Southbend Range Guide

Electronic Ignition is a safe way to start a gas range. Many gas ranges have electronic ignition or an electric spark that ignites the flow of gas. It is safer and will help you save on your gas bill too. This feature may cost more but is worth adding to your range. Most electric ranges and gas come with a number of different setups so you can customize the range to your menu and foodservice venue.

Think about the type of food you plan to cook before ordering a range. Open gas burners are popular because you can boil, fry, saute, and simmer on the top of the stove. Griddles are designed for cooking breakfast or cooking burgers and meats during the day.

The manal griddle works by controlling the temperature at low, medium, and high. You do not have much control over temperature as with a thermostatic griddle. The thermostatic griddle has a knob like an oven where you can set the temperature and cook.

A griddle and burners work well in ranges in many commercial kitchens. The planch is a commercial grill with a circular burner that ensures the center remains the hottest and the outer edge remains cool.

It has a flat surface. A charbroiler is a grill for the top range to broil burgers, steak, fish, on direct heat. Many ranges come with a cheese melter to melt cheese on dishes or sandwiches. It is often a metal shelf with a low-power option and an open shelf.

A boiler salamander is an overhead burner that is open in the front with racks that slide in and out. It has many different temperatures and can cook different types of food. At low temperatures, it can hold food for meals and buffets. The base oven often comes with a standard or convection oven. The standard oven has a heating source and convection oven has a fan that circulates air. The convection oven cooks faster.

Induction cooktops generate heat by relying on magnets and creating a magnetic field making them more efficient than electric or gas. You must use special cookware for this type of cooktop. A hot top is a flat surface that uses gas underneath to heat below the surface. It can reach 500 to 1,000 degrees. It can take a longer time to heat up but you can heat several food items at once. The surface is usually flat.

Add ranges come with a cabinet base to store pots and pans for cooking. Add cabinets are open and others have a door with handles. They may share space with the oven or freezer base. A freezer base is often used when you cook frozen foods all the time. It gives you quick access to foods that your restaurant cooks. Most ranges have caster or wheels so you can clean under them and put them back in the right spot.

Gas range requires a connection to the gas line if you do not have a connection you must install one. An electric stove is easier to use by plugging it into a wall socket. A TruVapor oven at Southbend can bake, steam or both. It has a water treatment system to keep it working well. The TruVection Oven is a convection oven that can be used on the counter or in the base of the range. It comes in a gas or electric convection oven.

Platinum Sectional Ranges

Southbend Range

These ranges are custom-designed for high-volume restaurants and foodservice venues. They are used in hotels and high-volume establishments. They come in 16 inch, 18″ 24″ 32″, 36″, and 48″ sizes.

They can be custom-made to fit the needs of the foodservice business. They come in gas, electric, or induction. Electric and induction are 36 inches in size. Customers can choose a standard or convection oven, or TruVapor. TrueVapor is combines baking and steaming.

They have TruVection a gas convection oven that comes in a single or double oven. It has three racks in each oven. They have refrigerated bases and cabinets too.

They are made of stainless steel with a porcelain interior, and an easy to control on-off switch. Electronic ignition is available. The tops of the ranges can be customized to have open burners, griddles, hot tops, French tops, electric hot plates, upright broiler, and fryer.

Ultimate Ranges

Southbend Ultimate Range

They are large ranges built in five different sizes for commercial kitchens. They come in 24 inches, 36″, 48″, 60″, and 72″ inches wide. The hybrid model has an electric oven and gas cooktop. You can choose from non-clog burners, saute burners, or pyromax gas burners. The oven is porcelain enamel.

It comes with a standard or convection oven. The top has a choice of open burners, charbroilers, griddles, and hot top. It will cook, finish, hold and bake. It has a cheese melter and a deep cooking surface.

S-Series Ranges

Southbend S-Series Range

The S-Series ranges are small versatile ranges the come in four sizes for small and medium-sized foodservice venues. They come in 24″,36″, 48″, and 60-inch widths and with several stove top configurations available.

These ranges are made of stainless steel, non-clog burners, and porcelain enamel ovens. a removable crumb drawer, and an adjustable thermostat. It comes with a manual griddle option, raised griddle broiler option, or a thermostatic griddle.

Benefits of Southbend Ranges

The company has made commercial ranges for the foodservice industry for many years. They make ranges in different sizes with custom add-on options. The variety of choices available helps foodservice venues choose the right range for their business. The larger ranges have more options than the smaller sizes.

They make gas and electric ranges and gas tend to be more expensive. Propane is available for businesses that do not have gas or electricity. They have hybrid models with both gas and electricity. They provide repair services and replacement parts with the purchase of their ranges.

Product Criteria

Criteria For Southbend Electric Ranges

The typical Southbend electric range is 36 inches wide. It can be used in all-size restaurant and foodservice venues. The SE models can be used on ships with foodservice. It has a special kit for installation for boats. The ranges selected are custom made and offer many special features to make them a great addition to any kitchen.

They have special burners, griddle, and a choice of ovens. We looked at cooktop choices, special features, and the ability to cook several types of food at once. Southbend ranges reviewed by chefs get good ratings on the quality and performance. Ranges have a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Criteria For Southbend Gas Ranges

The gas ranges are selected with varying sizes and need to have a gas connection. If you do not have one it needs to be installed. We looked at gas ranges with different burner options for the cooktop, optional griddles, and charbroilers for restaurants that cook different types of food. We selected different sizes to show gas ranges for different types of food venues.

They are based on cooking features, size, and the ability to customize to your needs. All have a choice of oven, adding storage, or a freezer at the bottom. All have a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Criteria For Hybrid Gas and Electric Models

These models are more expensive because they use two sources of power. They have gas cooktops and an electric standard or convection ovens. The cooktops offer a choice of burners, options for griddles, and charbroiler.

They are 36 inches suited to any size kitchen. Although they are more expensive they offer many features for restaurants that cook many different types of food. The benefits are gas cooktop offer fast, even heat. Electric ovens are better or roasting meat and poultry. The stainless steel exterior is durable and last a long time.

Recommended Southbend Electric Ranges


The ranges listed are to give you an idea of ​​the many models available and the many features they offer. The selected model offers several options on the cooktop configuration with different burners, griddles, convection, or standard ovens.

The size is for small, medium, or large foodservice establishments. Many have several features that make them a range that can cook many different types of food and offer storage too.

The SE36A-TTB is a heavy-duty electrical range that is 36 inches with a thermostatic griddle, two hot plates, and a convection oven. It comes in different configurations to suit any restaurant. It is often used on ships or boats too. It is available with a standard oven, convection, or TruVection.

It has a griddle area, two hot plates or electric heating elements, and an oven with three racks. It is made of stainless steel. It comes with a Marine Kit Top for boats and cruise ships. It can be used in restaurants and other commercial foodservice venues.

This model is a mid-size heavy-duty electric range that has several configuration options. It has burners and a griddle with controllable temperature using thermostatic controls. It has a convection oven and can saute, braise, fry, griddle, braise, brown, and roast. You can choose a standard, or convection oven. The oven has a warranty for one year for labor and parts.

The SE36T-BBB is a heavy-duty electrical range 36 inches with six burners, the TruVection oven, made of stainless steel, and with three oven racks. It is designed for restaurants and marine vessels. It comes with Marine Kit Top for boats. The top can be designed with different configurations or custom-made. These two models come in varying sizes and are designed for small and medium-sized restaurants and boats.

Platinum Sectional Electric Oven PE36T-TTT is 36 inches wide with a full-width griddle available, three burners, and a TruVection Oven base. The TruVection Oven is a convection oven that is made to use electric or gas power. It is made of stainless steel and has a removable grease drawer.

It can be designed to come with a cabinet instead of an oven if you choose. It can be designed to fit the needs of any high-volume restaurant. It comes with a cabinet or freezer base as an option.

Keep in mind electric ranges come in different sizes for small, medium, and high volume restaurants. Add can be made into hybrid models using gas and electric power. Many come on wheels and can be moved from one place to another. Range hoods are generally needed with most commercial ranges and Southbend can help you find the right one.


  • Electric ranges are less expensive than gas
  • They do not require a gas connection
  • they come in different sizes
  • They are custom made and can be configured to your needs
  • Easy to clean better for roasting


  • Stovetop slower to heat and cool off
  • It is more expensive to run than a gas stove
  • They do not cook as quickly
  • Commercial models are more expensive
  • Sometimes the burners have to be replaced

Southbend Gas Grills

Platinum Sectional Gas Grill P36A-BCC

The ranges listed are to give you a look at many quality ranges available at Southbend available in different configurations. These ranges selected have special burners, grills, charbroilers, standard or convection ovens.

They are completely gas and need to have a gas connection in your restaurant or one installed. They can cook many different types of food and be configured to your needs. They are for small, medium, and large foodservice businesses.

The Platinum Sectional Gas Grill P36A-BCC is 36 inches wide with 2 non-clog burners, a standard gas oven, and a 24-inch charbroiler. It can be made with a cabinet or convection oven base. It is stainless steel and has an insulated burner box. It has removable grates for cleaning burners and a drip tray.

The charbroiler has grilled grates and can be used to cook meat, poultry, and seafood and searing foods at high heat quickly. A range hood is often needed to operate a charbroiler or griddle. It comes with your choice of the griddle. Cast iron grates are removable so they can be cleaned.

The P48A-BBBB is a 48-inch gas stove with 8 burners that do not clog and a convection oven. It has removable steel grates on burners. The oven has a porcelain enamel interior and 2 or 3 oven racks.

It can also come with a cabinet base instead of the oven. It can be powered with a battery using Southbend battery assistance programs. It is made of stainless steel, has casters that can be locked. It has shelves on flue risers. Convection ovens have a two-speed blower or fan.

The S-Series 60 inch S60AC-3T has a 36-inch thermostatic griddle, 4 non-clog burners, a convection oven, and a cabinet base. It has a removable drawer under the burners. It can come with a standard oven with an adjustable thermostat and is heavily insulated on four sides. It comes with an optional aluminum storage cabinet and with extra oven racks too.

The Ultimate Gas Range is 72 inches wide the model number 4721AA-5R. It has 3 non-clog burners on the front, two pryromax burners on the rear right, and six burners on the left. It has two convection ovens in the base.

It is described as a tough commercial range for the foodservice industry. It is designed for cooking, baking, holding, and finishing. It has an optional griddle or charbroiler top. The double-sided porcelain oven operates like a standard or convection oven with racks. It is made of stainless steel and can be customized to your needs.


  • Gas ovens are less expensive
  • they come in different sizes
  • They are custom made to your needs
  • The cook faster than electric
  • Better for grilling, searing, and simmering


  • Connecting these stoves can be expensive when you have to install a gas connection
  • They are more dangerous due to gas leaks and leaving burners on
  • sometimes they do not light

Electric and Gas Ranges and Hybrid Models at Southbend


The combination or hybrid models are only in the Ultimate Ranges. The chosen model has a gas cooktop and electric oven. One benefit of an electric oven is it roasts meat better than gas.

Some of the convection ovens have a switch and can be converted to a standard oven. The battery spark ignition is a safer way to start a gas stove and some of these models have this. A thermostatic griddle is easier to control temperatures and charbroilers cook meats. These models are pricy but can cook many different foods at oncle.

Some Southbend ranges models come with gas and electric features they are Ultimate Ranges or Hybrid models. Ultimate Hybrid range H46361D is a gas and electric model. It has 6 non-clog gas burners and a standard electric oven.

It is made of stainless steel and has a battery spark ignition. It has the option of three saute burners, a griddle, and an optional charbroiler. It has a porcelain enamel interior in the oven. This model is 36 inches wide.

Ultimate Gas Electric Range H4361A-2TR has two gas burners and a thermostatic griddle, and an electric convection oven. It has battery start ignition for ovens and various burner configurations available. It comes with an optional griddle and charbroiler. It has casters with swivel locks, extra oven racks, salamander, and cheese melt mounts available.

Ultimate Hybrid Range H4364D has gas and electric features. It has 3 star/saute burners, a non-clog gas burner in the back, and an electric convection oven. An optional griddle or charbroiler can be installed. It has caster and locks and extra oven racks. The oven has an enamel porcelain interior with an on-off switch that allows it to operate as a standard oven.

These ovens need a hood and Southbend will recommend the right one to meet your needs. Most ranges come with a battery-assisted program.


  • Dual ranges use gas and electric heat
  • Faster heat and temperature control
  • Often uses a gas cooktop and electric range
  • Great for baking and temperature control


  • More expensive to install need gas and electric hookup
  • Cost more to use due to using two different energy sources

Where Southbend Ranges Are Sold


Southbend ranges are sold online through restaurant supply businesses and shipped to your restaurant or foodservice venue.

They are sold at KaTom Restaurant and Supply Inc, Dubic Fixture and Supply Inc, Central Restaurant Products, Mission Restaurant Supply, Singer, Restaurant Supply Company, and A City Some ranges are sold on too.

It is hard to find a rating for these stoves. Some businesses offer free shipping. Most chefs consider a Southbend range reliable commercial ranges that work for many years.

When you want a demonstration or to learn more about their products you can contact their regional sales VP listed on the Southbend and Crown Regional Sales Office page on their website or the reps listed near you to learn more before ordering a range for your restaurant. You can call the company directly or fill out the online form for more information. They will discuss different types of ranges, configurations, hoods, and power options.


Question: What Type of Ranges Does Southbend Manufacture?

Answer: They make commercial gas, electric and hybrid ranges for the commercial foodservice industry. They come in different sizes and configurations as they are custom designed. Propane and induction models are available. They have a battery assistance and repair program for keeping the range you buy running well.

Question: What is a Custom-Designed Commercial Range?

Answer: A custom-designed range comes with various choices for the top of the range with burners, griddle, and other features. It often comes with a base range, storage, or refrigeration. They are made to suit the size and type of food service business you own.

Question: Where do I go to Learn More About Southbend Ranges?

Answer: The website has a web page listing with regional sales reps and businesses that will give you a demonstration when you call or email them. You can contact them directly by calling or filling out the online form. They can recommend restaurant suppliers who carry their ranges.

Best Southbend Range Guide: Conclusion

Southbend ranges are good quality ranges that last many years for restaurants and the foodservice industry. You can have these custom-designed ranges made to fit your menu and style. The versatility in cooking makes them a good choice for restaurants, cafes, hotel foodservice, hospitality, assisted living, ships, and tourist spots with restaurants.

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