Best Buffalo Chopper Guide

Best Buffalo Chopper Guide: How to Find the One for Your Home?

Investing in a buffalo chopper has many benefits, including cutting up different types of food evenly and efficiently. In our best buffalo chopper guide, you will find out why it is worth having this versatile appliance in your kitchen and which model you should purchase.

We will look at some tips for using a buffalo chopper, the top appliances on the market, and we’ll discover which one is the best to buy. Before we get into each appliance in-depth, here is a quick snapshot of the top seven buffalo choppers on the market.

At a Glance: 7 of the Best Best Buffalo Choppers in 2021

Meat Grinder Best for… Power More Info
KWS BC-400 Commercial 1350W 1.5HP Stainless Steel Buffalo Chopper Best overall buffalo chopper 1 ½ HP Find out more
Hobart 84145 Buffalo Chopper Best small commercial buffalo chopper ½ H.P Find out more
Decen 12 Cup Food Processor Best budget option 600W Find out more
Hobart 84186-1 Buffalo Chopper Food Processor Best all-round commercial buffalo chopper 1 HP Find out more
Talsa Variable-Speed 26 lb. / 16 Qt. Buffalo Chopper Best variable speed buffalo chopper 3HP Find out more
Sirman C Tronic 4VT Food Processor Best mid-range buffalo cutter 0.8 HP Find out more
Omcan (Fma) 3 Qt Bowl Style Food Processor Cutter Best for power 4 HP Find out more

Reasons to buy a Buffalo Chopper

If you aren’t 100% sure about adding another appliance to your kitchen, here are some reasons to invest in a buffalo chopper.

It cuts up food evenly

One of the significant advantages of using a buffalo chopper is that it cuts up food evenly. The appliance has a shallow bowl, and when the blades are rotating, food doesn’t get stuck or piled up at the bottom.

The shallow bowl ensures that you get an even finish whatever you put into the buffalo cutter, whether beef, chicken, or vegetables.

You can cut a variety of meat

Buffalo choppers can be pretty powerful, and this means you can cut up various types of meat.

The power of the appliance ranges between models; however, they do a great job of processing and cutting up tough meat such as some types of game. So, whether you are putting in tough or tender meat, the buffalo chopper will do a stellar job are cutting it up properly.

It is very versatile

This appliance has other uses beyond cutting up different types of meat. While this is the purpose that it is usually associated with, buffalo choppers are pretty versatile.

For example, you can grind up stale bread into breadcrumbs or even crumble cheese to melt into a sauce. There are many possibilities with a buffalo chopper beyond cutting meat, which is why we really like this appliance.

Tips for using a Buffalo Chopper

Hobart chopper

If you haven’t used this appliance before, we have some tips for getting the most out of a buffalo chopper.

Keep your blades sharp

It sounds relatively simple, but many people don’t keep the blades on the appliance in top condition.

The obvious impact of dull blades is that the appliance will struggle to cut up meat properly, especially tough beef or pork. Even though buffalo choppers are usually quite powerful, dull blades will hinder the performance. Ensure and sharper the blades if you need to; it is an essential part of maintaining the appliance even if it doesn’t need to be done very often.

Wash it after each use

You also need to clean and wash the buffalo chopper after each use.

Not only is this vital to ensure that it stays in good condition, but it is important from a safety perspective too. You always need to wash appliances, surfaces, and utensils if they come into contact with raw meat, and a buffalo chopper is no different.

Chill the ingredients before you use them

A buffalo chopper generates quite a lot of heat, and it is essential that you either chill your ingredients before chopping them up or chill the bowl of the appliance.

Chilling the ingredients first prevents any uncooked meat from reaching an unsafe temperature while being processed, and it also helps create an evenly cooked finish to your meal further down the line.

Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions

Again, this sounds obvious, but accidents and injuries do happen from improper use of this appliance. It has a lot of dangerous moving parts (for example, sharp blades).

Most buffalo choppers will have some inbuilt safety mechanism to prevent accidents as much as possible. However, make sure and read the instructions on using this type of appliance safely and help to avoid any nasty injuries.

However, if you buy a meat grinder and aim to use it regularly, it is better to opt for a more expensive model with more power and less effort when using it.

7 Best Buffalo Choppers

1.KWS BC-400 Commercial 1350W 1.5HP Stainless Steel Buffalo Chopper – Best overall buffalo chopper

KWS BC-400

The KWS BC-400 Commercial 1350W 1.5HP Stainless Steel Buffalo Chopper is the appliance we recommend if you want a good combination of affordability and performance. Buffalo choppers, especially commercial models, can get very expensive; however, the KWS BC-400 is sold reasonably. It is still a bit costly but well worth the money.

This appliance features a 15.7” stainless steel bowl, and it can hold 9 lbs of food at once. We have found that it cuts up meat brilliantly, which is down to the 1.5 HP power. If you are worried about safety when using a buffalo chopper, the KWS BC-400 has a great safety feature – the appliance will only turn on if the bowl and the bowl cover and firmly locked in place.

There isn’t much that we don’t like about this buffalo chopper. However, one minor annoying thing about this appliance is that the bowl cover is fixed on with screws, so it can take a bit more time to clean it properly. However, if you have some money to spend but want a combination of performance and reasonable cost, this is the buffalo chopper for you.


  • Great all-round performer available at a good price
  • Has decent power at 1.5 HP
  • It cuts up all types of food evenly
  • Good safety features to prevent accidents


  • The bowl cover is held down by screws which makes proper cleaning a bit more time-consuming.

2. Hobart 84145 Buffalo Chopper – Best small commercial buffalo chopper


Commercial buffalo choppers can get mightily expensive, and the Hobart 84145 Buffalo Chopper is probably out of the price range for anyone who wants to add this appliance to their home kitchen. However, if you have some money to spend or need a buffalo chopper for commercial use, this is a great option.

It is compact as it measures just 37 x 22 x 26 inches which is good for a commercial model. The double cutlery grade stainless steel knives do a great job cutting food up as they rotate at 1725 RPM. This buffalo chopper can hold 5 lbs of food at once, and it can be disassembled and cleaned easily. Safety is assured with the bowl lock, as the appliance won’t start until it is firmly in place.

The big downside is the price, but it is less of a problem if you are purchasing this for commercial use.


  • Compact commercial use buffalo chopper
  • Has double cutlery grade stainless steel knives
  • Good safety measures
  • Can hold 5 lbs of food at once


  • This is an expensive model that will cost too much for most domestic users.

3.Decen 12 Cup Food Processor – Best budget option


If you are in the market for a budget buffalo chopper, the Decen 12 Cup Food Processor is what you are looking for.

This appliance is a lot cheaper than the others on our list. However, you do need to trade the drop in price for overall performance. It only has 600w of power (although this isn’t bad for domestic use and cutting up food now and again), but it does have an impressive 6 lbs capacity.

There are three different speeds with this food processor/buffalo chopper, making it much easier to get consistent finished with various types of food (the speeds range from 1100-2000RPM). We also like the straightforward controls at the front of this appliance. If you can’t splash the money for a high-end buffalo chopper, this food processing option will do a decent job.


  • Has good capacity
  • Decent model for a cheap price
  • Straightforward controls
  • Has three different speed options


  • Isn’t very powerful and won’t perform as well as a true buffalo chopper

4. Hobart 84186-1 Buffalo Chopper Food Processor – Best all-round commercial buffalo chopper

Hobart 1

The second Hobart model on our list is the Hobart 84186-1 Buffalo Chopper Food Processor. We should state right away that this appliance is expensive and is probably more suited to a commercial or business setting. However, it does an outstanding job at cutting up food, particularly tough meat, or if you need to use it continuously.

The 1 HP motor is powerful, while there is a good-sized 18″ stainless steel bowl. Food won’t get trapped or stick to the bowl either, making using this buffalo chopper a dream. We also like the rubber feet as they provide excellent stability.

For most households, the price of this appliance is a deterrent. But as a commercial model, there aren’t many better out there for what it costs, and if you are chopping, kneading, and pureeing food, it is an excellent addition to your kitchen.


  • Great all-round commercial appliance
  • Powerful motor and 18″ stainless steel bowl
  • Food doesn’t stick or get trapped in the bowl


  • Expensive, so only really intended for commercial use

5. Talsa Variable-Speed 26 lb. / 16 Qt. Buffalo Chopper – Best variable speed buffalo chopper


The Talsa Variable-Speed 26 lb. / 16 Qt. Buffalo Chopper is your best option if you want different speeds.

This is another expensive model but well worth the money if you can afford it. The appliance has a whopping 3 HP to cut through any email regardless of its toughness. There are four programmed cutting speeds, and it does a fantastic job at cutting up and emulsifying meat and vegetables.

One feature we love is the 7″ touch screen which makes this buffalo chopper incredibly easy to use and gives you more control over the cutting process. The 26 lbs capacity is enormous and testament to the fact that this is very much a buffalo chopper designed for a busy kitchen.

Like a couple of other appliances on our list, the price will put domestic users off, but it is a great buffalo cutter that can cope with the rigorous demands of even the busiest of kitchens.


  • Very powerful 3 HP motor
  • It has a whopping 26 lbs capacity
  • Really cool 7″ touch screen


  • Very expensive but well worth the money for a busy kitchen

6. Sirman C Tronic 4VT Food Processor – Best mid-range buffalo cutter


The Sirman C Tronic 4VT Food Processor sits nicely between budget appliances and models that cost thousands of dollars.

With 0.8 HP, it isn’t the most powerful, but it still performs to a high standard. We like the cutlery steel knives, and it is a durable appliance due to the die-cast and extruded aluminum used. There is a safety micro-switch on the lid, and the design means you can add ingredients when the buffalo chopper is in operation.

With a 7 lbs capacity, it is well suited to a home kitchen setting, and the price also reflects this. If you want a buffalo chopper that isn’t going to cost crazy money but you still crave good performance, this is a decent mid-range option.


  • Decent mid-range option for home use
  • 7 lbs capacity and features cutlery steel knives
  • Good safety features and you can add ingredients when the appliance is in use.
  • Well made with die-cast and extruded aluminum


  • It isn’t as good as some others on our list, but the price reflects that.

7. Omcan (Fma) 3 Qt Bowl Style Food Processor Cutter – Best for power


The Omcan (Fma) 3 Qt Bowl Style Food Processor Cutter is the buffalo chopper you need if you want a lot of power. It comes with an incredible 4 HP, which will mince, chop, and puree even the toughest of meats with ease.

Power isn’t the only feature of this buffalo chopper. You also get a well-built appliance made of anodized aluminum, while the bowl and knives are made from stainless steel. The 6 lbs capacity is a bit on the low side, but this is quite an inexpensive appliance when compared to some other models on our list.

Overall, power and cutting up various food are the defining features of this well-made buffalo chopper, and it doesn’t cost a ton of money either.


  • Very powerful 4 HP motor
  • Stainless steel knives and bowl
  • Available at a reasonable cost


  • Bowl capacity is a little on the low side


Question: How does a buffalo chopper work?

Answer: A buffalo chopper works by rotting food in a bowl with spinning blades. This cuts and chops food up evenly, and this appliance can also be used for pureeing food and creating breadcrumbs.

Question: Do I need a powerful buffalo chopper?

Answer: It depends. Usually, a buffalo chopper with 1 – 2 HP is enough to cut up even tough food, but if you want a particularly powerful model, some have up to 4 HP.

Question: Are buffalo choppers safe to use?

Answer: Yes. Most buffalo choppers have in-built safety features such as not turning on until the bowl is firmly fixed in place and covered. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are using this appliance safely.

Question: How did the buffalo chopper get its name?

Answer: Buffalo choppers got their name because the appliance was originally created in Buffalo, NY, in the early part of the 20th century. The name stuck and has been used for this type of appliance since then.

Question: What meat can I put into a buffalo chopper?

Answer: You can put any type of meat into a buffalo chopper. This includes beef, pork, chicken, and even game meat too. A buffalo chopper is great at chopping up tough meat, and you can even use it to make breadcrumbs or grind cheese for melting.

Question: Are buffalo choppers expensive?

Answer: They can be. You can find budget models available that come with less power and features but will be ideal for domestic use. Buffalo choppers aimed at commercial kitchens can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Which is the Best Buffalo Chopper?

If you want a good combination of value for money and performance, the best buffalo chopper to buy is the KWS BC-400 Commercial 1350W 1.5HP Stainless Steel Buffalo Chopper.

With 1.5 HP power, it can cut up tough meats, and being able to hold 9 lbs of food at once, is great too. While it is slightly on the pricey side (although not as much as some other buffalo choppers), it is an appliance that is worth the money.

The only downside is the fact that the bowl cover is fixed on with screws, but it is a minor annoyance at worst. If you want a powerful buffalo chopper that provides performance without a relatively huge price tag, opt for the KWS BC-400.

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