Best 3 Part Compartment Sink Kits

Best 3 Part Compartment Sink Kits For A Commercial Kitchen

If you’re running a commercial kitchen, a three-part compartment sink kit is simply a must. But how do you choose the right one? If you’re looking for a detailed answer, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide to the best 3 part compartment sink kits will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

A three-part compartment sink is a basic yet absolutely essential piece of equipment every commercial kitchen should have. It allows you to wash and sanitize your utensils hygienically, all in separate sinks. Moreover, you can also use it to rinse your raw ingredients or even cool your food.

This type of sink also enables several people to work simultaneously, improving the overall efficiency of your staff. But how do you choose the best one? This article explores the essential characteristics of these sinks, recommends some particularly interesting kits, and answers some frequently asked questions.

Let’s start with a brief overview of any good 3-part compartment sink’s most important qualities.

What to Look for in a 3-Part Compartment Sink Kit

If you look at commercial sinks from a distance, they might all look pretty similar. But once you explore all the details, you will find some distinct differences that make each product a little bit special and suitable for different types of users.

If you’re wondering where to start when deciding on your new 3-part sink kit, these are the characteristics you should consider:


As you can probably imagine, 3-part compartment sink kits are usually relatively large and bulky pieces of kitchen equipment. If you have an ample kitchen, this probably won’t be an issue for you, but those who have to deal with compact spaces or specific layouts should definitely consider the exact dimensions of their sink well in advance.

Moreover, don’t just focus on the measurements of the sink itself – keep in mind that your staff will also need generous space in front of it in order to move around and work on their tasks freely and effectively. The sizes of 3-part compartment sinks can differ quite a lot, so you should be able to find the right one for you even if you have limited space.

Don’t forget to choose the right height of the sink, too – if it’s too low or too high, your staff will struggle with their daily chores, and it can even result in their back or shoulder pain. Some sink kits even have height-adjustable legs, which is probably the safest choice in this regard.

Configuration and Shape

3 Part Compartment Sink Kits

Another factor worth considering is the configuration of the sinks in the kit. Are they positioned right next to each other, or are there some counters/boards/walls dividing them? Are all three sinks equally large, or is any of them dominant or smaller? Is there a drainboard included too?

Depending on the most common tasks you’re planning to perform in your sinks, choose the model that will suit your needs the best and spare you from the unnecessary discomfort and extra work.

Also, make sure that you choose the most suitable shape of sink compartments for your work mode. For example, some chefs prefer elegant and easy-to-clean round sinks; others need rectangular or square sinks to fit in their specific baking racks, large cooking pots, etc.

Some sinks can even come with inclined or declined slopes inside for improved draining. Choose the one that works the best for you.


When it comes to commercial kitchen gear, choosing the most durable and hygienic material is always important. In the case of 3-part sink kits, however, you cannot really go wrong, as these products are almost by rule constructed of stainless steel.

Nevertheless, even steel can come in various finishes and levels of quality. Traditional shiny polished steel looks neat and elegant, yet it’s also quite prone to scratches over time.

Brushed steel, on the other hand, looks stylish and modern, and it also hides small scratches and dents pretty well. But its texture with small groves accumulates and holds moisture which makes it more susceptible to corrosion in the long run.

Heavy-duty sink kits sometimes also come with protective coatings and antibacterial (bacteria repulsing) layers, which can prolong your sink’s lifespan and make your kitchen a safer and more hygienic place in general.


Installing a 3-part compartment sink kit can be quite a headache – especially if you’re doing it for the very first time. But some manufacturers make this much easier with their thoughtful designs and pre-prepared mounting elements.

First of all, decide whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted or freestanding sink kit. The wall-mounted design is very firm and stable, yet it, logically, requires a spare wall with water supply and sewage. Freestanding design usually requires some engineering, yet some chefs prefer it as a practical centerpiece of their kitchen.

In any case, make sure that your new sink kit has pre-cut faucet holes at the right places and that the package contains everything you need to install the set properly in its place.


A good commercial 3-part compartment sink kit can cost you anywhere between several hundred and several thousand dollars.

Of course, if your budget allows it, going with some of the most expensive options can reward you with better quality, more features, or improved durability. But even some of the cheapest and most basic choices can fulfill your expectations and needs pretty well.

Our Best 3 Part Compartment Sink Kits Reviews

Once you have a relatively accurate idea of what your restaurant needs and what options does the market offer, you’re ready to look for a specific sink for you and your kitchen.

Here are our recommendations divided into several categories:

Best Simple 3 Part Compartment Sink Kits

If all you really want from your 3-part compartment sink kit are three good sink bowls, these simplistic products will surely suit you well. Although they lack the fancy extra features of some of their more sophisticated competition, they boast professional quality and great durability:

John Boos E Series Stainless Steel Sink

John Boos E Series Stainless Steel Sink

John Boos E Series Stainless Steel Sink is a simple yet very popular professional 3-part compartment sink kit. This fully NSF Certified model is designed specifically for foodservice professionals, being perfectly adapted to demanding conditions of hectic kitchen life. It is made of a robust 18 gauge stainless steel, and it truly feels very stable and durable.

This is a particularly great choice for those who are looking for something huge. All the included sinks are extra wide, very deep, and feel really spacious (18 x 18 inches each), which allows you to manipulate even larger objects inside conveniently.

This sink kit has galvanized steel legs with plastic bullet feet for good traction on any surface. It is a wall-mounted design with pre-drilled openings and a very simple installation. The steely surface comes with a shiny polished finish, and there’s also a robust backsplash that helps with reducing mess in your kitchen.


  • Quality material
  • Durable construction
  • Simple installation
  • Large sinks with great capacity
  • Good user reviews
  • NFC-certified


  • Expensive
  • Simple design with no extra features
  • Not suitable for limited spaces

Fenix Sol 18G-3C18X24-0 Three Compartment Stainless Steel Sink

Fenix Sol 18G-3C18X24-0

Fenix Sol 18G-3C18X24-0 is another simplistic 3-part compartment sink kit that will mostly suit those who crave durability, easy installation, and no-frills design. It boasts three evenly large sink bowls (18″ L x 24″ W x 12″ D), four sturdy galvanized steel legs, and a clear design with no drainboards or other extras.

Your wall tiles will be well protected by the sink kit’s 9″ high angled backsplash. Easy installation is guaranteed by the pre-drilled faucet holes, whereas coved corners provide for simple cleaning.

The overall dimensions of this sin kit are ‎59 x 29.8 x 43 inches, so it will be suitable mostly for larger kitchens. This product has a standard wall-mounted design and rectangular shape. It’s also one of the more expensive 3-part compartment sinks you can find on the market.


  • Sturdy material
  • NFC certification
  • Large rectangular sink bowls
  • Convenient wall-mounted design
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Shipped in a wooden crate for full protection


  • Quite expensive
  • No drainboards or other features
  • Large, not suitable for limited spaces

Elkay Foodservice E-Series 3-Compartment Sink

Elkay Foodservice E-Series 3-Compartment Sink

If you’re looking for a simple 3-part compartment sink kit in the hope of a budget-friendly solution, Elkay Foodservice E-Series 3-Compartment Sink should undoubtedly be on your radar. Although it cannot boast American origin (it comes from China), it is a decent piece of equipment with a very competitive price.

This simple and affordable kit comes with three even rectangular sink bowls (16″ length, 20″ width, and 12″ depth). It has a conveniently high backsplash (9″), and it is constructed from high-quality 18 gauge stainless steel for the highest corrosion resistance. The manufacturer also claims that it’s NFC-certified.

Elkay’s commercial sinks can be instantly recognized due to their original design with visibly separated sink bowls. These sets are available in several sizes, so you can easily find the one that will fit into your space perfectly.


  • Affordable
  • NFC-certified
  • Large rectangular sink bowls
  • Simple wall-mounted design
  • High backsplash
  • Numerous sizes to choose from


  • Not USA made
  • Design with separate sinks can complicate the cleaning

Best 3 Part Compartment Sink Kits with Drainboards

If you can afford to dedicate more space to your sink kit, getting a model with an integrated drainboard is surely a good idea. This simple yet very convenient design allows you to store your cleaned dishes right next to the sink, eliminating the water drips on the floor.

The drainboards, however, can also be used for additional preparation of cleaned food, saving space on your kitchen counters. If you’d like to enjoy these advantages, here are our recommendations for great 3-part compartment sink kits with a drainboard:

BK Resources BKS-3-1014-1015T 3-Compartment Sink

BK Resources BKS-3-1014-1015T 3-Compartment Sink

BK Resources BKS-3-1014-1015T 3-Compartment Sink is a super-wide sink kit dominated by two massive 60-inches wide drainboards on each of the sides. These are perfectly suitable for both storage and preparation. There’s also an extra high backsplash and included strainer baskets for even more convenience.

On the other hand, the sink bowls on this kit have somewhat smaller interiors, so if you hope to use them for cleaning some extra-large utensils, pots, or trays, you might end up being disappointed.

This 3-bowl sink kit can also attract you with its elegant brushed steel finish. There’s also a smooth, sleek-looking apron on the front side that further improves this sink’s appearance. Last but not least, you will certainly also appreciate this sink’s reasonable price.


  • Large drainboards on both sides
  • Nice design
  • Extra high backsplash
  • Affordable
  • Simple installation with pre-drilled holes


  • Small sink bowls
  • Suitable only for smaller/medium kitchens

Fenix Sol 18G-3C10X14-L12 Three Compartment Stainless Steel Sink

Fenix Sol 18G-3C10X14-L12 Three Compartment Stainless Steel Sink

Fenix Sol 18G-3C10X14-L12 is another popular three-bowl commercial sink kit from this reputable Californian manufacturer. This time, the design features a relatively small yet still quite convenient 12″ drainboard on the side. It also has three square 14″ x 10″ x 14″ sink bowls, a solid apron front, and a thoughtfully angled 9″ backsplash.

The single drainboard is situated on the left side here, which is a bit unusual. Nevertheless, if you have a left-handed chef or a specific kitchen layout which requires such a unique configuration, this can be a great advantage.

This sink stands on heavy-duty galvanized legs, and the overall construction feels very sturdy and robust as well, as it is built from 18 gauge stainless steel. Installing this wall-mounted sink is a breeze, too, thanks to the pre-drilled faucet holes. Regarding price, this 3-sink kit stands somewhere in the middle.


  • Reputable American manufacturer
  • It fits perfectly if you’re looking for a left-side drainboard
  • Sturdy construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy installation
  • Good-sized sink bowls


  • Left side drainboard might not suit everyone

Best Budget-Friendly 3 Part Compartment Sink Kits

If you’re looking for professional kitchen equipment, you should be prepared to spend considerably more compared to standard equipment for at-home use. Nevertheless, if price really matters a lot, you can still come across some reasonable compromises. Here are our tips for budget-friendly 3-part compartment kitchen sinks:

BK Resources DDI3-10141024 3-Compartment Drop-in Deck Mount Sink

BK Resources DDI3-10141024 3-Compartment Drop-in Deck Mount Sink

If your kitchen space or budget won’t allow you to buy a standard independent 3-part compartment sink kit, you can still opt for a much smaller and cheaper deck-mount alternative. BK Resources DDI3-10141024 suits this description perfectly.

This drop-in sink with three compartments features a deep-drawn construction providing a seamless and elegant look. Although the overall product is very compact and fits on almost any counter, it still provides standardly sized, fully useful sink bowls (10″ x 14″ x 10″).

These sinks are made of 18 gauge stainless steel, so they should be just as durable as their counterparts in full freestanding kits. Of course, the best aspect of this sink is its wonderful price. It literally costs just a fraction of some of the most expensive sinks on our list.


  • Compact yet fully functional
  • Drop-in design for limited spaces
  • Quality materials
  • Decent sized bowls
  • Budget-friendly


  • Occupies a large portion of your counter
  • Cannot be moved when needed
  • No backsplash

AmGood 3-Compartment Drop-in Sink

AmGood sink

AmGood 3-Compartment Drop-in Sink is another great option if you need to stay on a budget. But, again, this is a drop-in type of sink, so you need to sacrifice some kitchen counter space for its installation. Nevertheless, it’s still a considerably more space-conscious solution in comparison with a standard sink kit.

Just like the BK-Resources sink above, this compact deck-mounted sink boasts three standardly sized rectangular-shaped sink bowls. The sinks also have slight slopes for more efficient draining.

Moreover, this is the only sink on our list that comes with a faucet. Although its price is slightly higher than the previous product, this added feature certainly improves its value. This product is also NFS-certified, and it boasts pretty positive user reviews.


  • Compact solution for small spaces
  • It comes with a faucet
  • Good-sized sinks with slopes
  • Made of a firm stainless steel
  • Great value for money
  • NFC-certified


  • Needs free counter space
  • No backsplash included


Question: How to Use a 3-part Compartment Sink Kit?

Answer: Although 3-part compartment sink kits can be used in many different ways according to your actual needs, in general, each of the sink bowls has a preferred purpose.
Sink number one is usually intended for washing utensils with water and detergent. Sink number two is for rinsing, so it should only be used with clear water. Finally, sink number three is for sanitization either with boiling water or special chemicals.

Question: Is a 3-part Compartment Sink Kit Officially Required?

Answer: Yes, unless your foodservice establishment has a fully functional commercial-grade dishwasher, it must have a 3-part compartment sink. Even if you eventually have a suitable dishwasher, it is still highly recommended to have a 3-sink kit in your kitchen as a plan-B in case your dishwasher suddenly malfunctions.

Question: Can You Wash Your Hands in a 3-part Compartment Sink Kit?

Answer: No. If you want to keep up with the official hygienic standards, you should never wash your hands in a sink that is intended for dishwashing or food washing in a commercial kitchen. You should always have a separate, fully functional sink for this purpose.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re running a high-end restaurant, a family-oriented diner, a fast-food stall, or a food truck, a 3-part compartment sink is simply a must for any food industry establishment.

But before you jump on the first offer just to tick this obligation off your to-do list, think about your decision twice and focus on the qualities of these sinks that can truly make your kitchen more efficient, convenient, safe, or hygienic.

We hope that this article helps you understand how a good 3 part compartment sink should look and perform.

Whether you prefer some of the most straightforward options such as Fenix Sol 18G-3C18X24-0, a sink with an extra drainboard like BK-Resources BKS-3-1014-1015T, or you decide to go with some of the budget-friendly drop-in sinks like AmGood, we hope that it will help your kitchen strive and reach its full potential.

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